Love Lost

Love Lost is an annual exhibit hoping to shine a spotlight on the stories of loss that live in our own backyard. In it, you will encounter ordinary objects that come alive as deeply personal artifacts through their accompanying stories.

You will find relicts of unfinished stories and broken bridges, deserted homelands and missed opportunities, endured trauma and peaceful resignation. Through them, lost love becomes much more than a single destination; it takes the shape of a communal mosaic colored with shades of sadness, anger, bewilderment, pain, gratitude, even humor.

This exhibit was conceived out of our own curiosity and guided by a desire to engage Miami - our home - in a conversation about the shared human experience. Miami is usually typecast as a superficial city, but this project aims to bring forth a deeper aspect of our collective emotional story by uniting Miamians in a shared moment of release, communal grief, remembrance, recognition, and joy. 

It has been executed with the humility, appreciation, and surprise inherent in having so many strangers include us openly, warmly in their intimacy. This project is, in all senses, a labor of love.

Submissions may be anonymous or named. This exhibit is strictly temporary and all objects will be returned. This project is location specific, so every story must hold a local angle although the loss may have occurred elsewhere. 

We will be hosting nightly events to enrich and gather our community through live music, conversation and participative live art. Participants will also have an opportunity to record their story once the final objects are curated. These will become part of our Soundscape audiovisual exhibit where viewers will have a chance to relate to each story on a deeper level. Our goal is to marry the senses through virtual reality to dance, music and storytelling to generate a multi sensorial experience.

- Maral, Paula & Natalia