Maral Arslanian

Maral is currently developing her career in the fashion industry at Z&L Europe as Director of Sales. When she's not strategizing for commerce, she's drafting out her next yoga class. She believes that encouraging her students through their inhibitions is the key to contentment. Discovering her love for Miami and its captivating inhabitants on the daily.

Paula Celestino

Paula is the co-founder of, an award-winning multicultural digital branding agency specializing in bridging technology, brand experience and best practices to help clients achieve measurable results.  
She also founded, a 'A Conversation with Innovative Women Series" and is a community leader for Startup Weekend and Techstars in Miami. 

Natalia-Martinez-Kalinina-1024 copy.jpg

Natalia Martinez-Kalinina

Natalia leads the expansion of the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC Miami), founded the Awesome Foundation MIAMI, and co-founded Aminta Ventures. She is an organizational psychologist and strategist focused on busing inclusive ecosystems and driving innovation at a city-wide level.